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Alcoholism Treatment
Chemical Dependency
Cocaine Addiction
Drug Addiction Treatment
Marijuana Addiction/Abuse
Methamphetamine Addiction
Opiate Addiction
Substance Abuse Treatment
Treatment for Depression

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At The Recovery Center of Cameron County we are dedicated to providing behavioral health treatment in an environment characterized by safety and respect for our patients, family members and staff. Our commitment is to exceed community standards in our professional practice and to operate our facility in a way that demonstrates responsibility to our patients.

Thank you for your interest in our outpatient behavioral health treatment services. The fact that you are accessing our website may mean that you or a loved one is suffering or in need of assistance. Please know, you have come to a place of understanding, healing and hope. Contact Us Today!

Depression is a common psychological problem; most people describe it as feeling sad, down in the dumps, unhappy or miserable. Almost everyone experiences these feelings at one time or another, however, when someone experiences true clinical depression the symptoms do not subside for weeks or longer.


Don't Let Alcohol Destroy Your Life - Get Help Now! The greatest achievement of your life will be sobriety and today is the day you start. Contact the Recovery Center of Cameron County for assistance. You can recover from alcohol abuse or alcohol addiction, take the first step Contact Us Today! Through counseling and rehabilitation, we can help you.



Do you take insurance?
Yes. We accept most insurance based on benefits and eligibility.

What does your program cost?
Our treatment program is designed to meet a clients own assessed needs, but most individuals are eligible for FREE treatment services.

Can you cure me of addiction?
The Recovery Center of Cameron County provides individuals with the skills and support necessary to conquer addiction. Addicts must adopt an alternative way of living and coping in order to achieve long-term recovery.


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